Redman said most of the problem is perception.

"...most of them are probably harmless, not bothering anybody, but they get loud, they get vulgar and you know it’s just not something that we can ever build up downtown," said Redman.

Ida Metzger opened an Anti-Stress shop a block from Hemming Plaza. She said people often wander into her business, and she's worried that could happen more often if the plaza is changed.

"If they take the tables away from them, that would leave them with nothing to do; they would kind of wander and not really have anything to do, but aimlessly go into vendors or kind of get in trouble. And it might be bad for them as well as for the city," said Metzger. 

Members of the special committee designed to re-energize Hemming Plaza did not make a decision on the proposal Tuesday afternoon. Another meeting is planned to continue the discussion into the proposal.