So, you’ve inherited a sofa from Grandma and you want to keep the warm feeling you get from having it – just maybe not the plaid pattern that goes with it. Or, maybe you have a nice set of furniture but one piece is damaged and you don’t want to break up the set or have to buy a whole new set.

A professional furniture upholsterer can give your old furniture new life.

  • A re-upholsterer can often save a damaged piece of furniture by seamlessly, and sometimes creatively, making a repair. Often times, a couch or chair cushion just needs to be re-stuffed.
  • Reupholstering offers a great value over buying new furniture when the piece is well constructed.  If a piece of furniture has a hard wood frame, and coil springs you’ll often come out ahead, price wise, to reupholster the piece than to buy a new piece of the same quality.
  • Re-upholsterers typically offer hundreds of fabric types, colors and patterns to choose from. Companies either have a showroom where you can view the fabric samples and others will come to your home.
  • The cost varies on every piece and is a reflection of the labor needs (time required) to do the job and the cost of the material selected. But be prepared: quality reupholstering can get expensive, so you want to be sure your original furniture is solid, structurally sound or that the sentimental value is worth the investment. Reupholstering a sofa, for example, can run between $700 and $1,200 depending on its size, the type of fabric, and foam and padding needed if the cushions need replaced. Larger chairs can cost around $500, while smaller chairs typically run less than $200.
  • Check the upholsterer’s reputation before you hire. Ask for samples, photos of previous work done and references from other clients.