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Read labels when grocery shopping at dollar stores

People trying to save money are shopping for groceries at dollar stores, but nutritionists say it could be costing their health.


Dense fog blankets NE FL, SE GA

From Northeast Florida to Southeast Georgia, visibility is less than a mile, some areas only have about a quarter of a mile visibility due to the dense fog that is lingering in our area.


Why drywall may not be a DIY project for you

There are tons of home improvement projects that lend themselves to doing it yourself. But Angie's List warns, there's one job that doesn’t.


Financial fiasco

Small business owners beware! What you need to watch out for when looking for financing.


Convicted lawyer claims he's innocent

In Kelly Mathis's first television interview since his conviction in the Allied Veterans case one year ago, the Jacksonville lawyer explains why his side of the case didn't get told in his trial.


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What's up with this dress?

Here and everywhere, people are debating: What color is this dress? Some see white and gold. Others see blue and black. There's no middle ground.



Google Play is changing search results

Google Play is offering the top spot in search engine results to go to developers who want to pay to be listed first.


How to stop the lottery scam

It's one of the most popular scams impacting the elderly. Conmen claiming you've won the lottery but to collect your winnings, you need to pay fees up front.


There's truth behind the phrase 'move it or lose it'

No doubt you’ve heard fitness experts say you need to “move it-or lose it!” Now a new study proves there is science behind that old saying, especially when it comes to our aging population.


Serving food for the greater good

A diner that only charges what you can afford to pay in money... or time.


How NOT to treat a cold

We spend a small fortune on cold medicines. But many of the treatments aren’t worth taking and can have side effects. Consumer Reports tells you what not to do as well as the best what's best to treat that cold.


New Jimmy John's clean as a whistle

The new downtown restaurant on North Laura Street shows News4Jax what it takes to pass an inspection with zero violations.

Transformation Tuesday

Join Dr. Asa Andrew and Melanie Lawson on a 30-day transformation through exercise and diet

Known as America’s health coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is host of one of the fastest growing radio and television programs in North America designed to transform your health and your life. As a physician to many professional athletes and celebrities, he is an internationally sought after speaker for many Fortune 500 Companies with his message of looking better, feeling younger, and living longer. Lose weight, find vibrant health, and custom design the body you've always wanted. Attain and maintain better health the same way you learned to walk: one step at a time.
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Photos: Have you seen these fugitives?

Capturing Jacksonville's wanted suspects is a tough task, so The Local Station is trying to help with the Wheel of Justice. Every Thursday morning, the wheel spins and a wanted fugitive is profiled. Online, we feature all the fugitives on the wheel.

Morning Show Recognizes First Birthdays

Every day on the morning show, Channel 4 features babies on their first birthday. Learn how to send the photos and when to watch.

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