Considering building a swimming pool?

Factors to consider before putting in a pool

Published On: Jun 21 2013 04:31:08 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 24 2013 05:40:00 AM EDT

A pool, whether it’s built in ground or above ground can provide hours of entertainment, but it can be a lot of work, too.  Angie’s List asked highly rated pool builders about the items homeowners need to think about before adding a swimming pool.

“In the heat of the summer a pool might sound like a fantastic idea, but the reality is unless you are the only house in your neighborhood that doesn’t have a pool you should skip it. Pools tend to scare off potential buyers of your house and you usually only get about 50 cents on the dollar return on investment," said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List.

Angie’s List Tips: Is a swimming pool right for you?

Building that perfect pool – and keeping it that way – depends a lot on who you hire. Doing your homework when it comes to hiring a contractor is extremely important.

“Remember a pool is going to be with you for a long time so you want a find a reputable pool company who is going to stand behind their project. You want to know what kind of warranty is going to be on the pool. And remember this is a project that can take a long time, especially given that you might hit some rainy days during installation. You want to have a well laid out plan to make sure you hit your deadlines," said Hicks.

Angie’s List Tips: Hiring a Pool Builder