Pet dental care

Published On: May 12 2013 10:50:56 PM EDT   Updated On: May 13 2013 05:40:00 AM EDT

If your pet’s breath could knock you out of your shoes, it’s probably time for the veterinarian to take a look inside his mouth. Too many pet lovers forget that animals require great oral care, too.

Every pet builds up plague and gingivitis at different rates. Left untreated, periodontal disease can affect your pet’s heart and kidneys.

“If your dog or cat has bad breath that may be a sign of infection. Other things are redness of the gums, teeth that appear damaged, broken or chipped, also excessive tartar accumulation. Tartar should not be on the pet’s teeth," said Dr. Matthew Lemmons, a veterinarian.

Angie’s List asked highly rated veterinarians about the importance of dental care.

“Smaller breed dogs do need their teeth cleaned a lot more frequently sometimes as often as every four to six months. Cats are usually between a year or two years and larger breed dogs every two to three years, depending on how healthy their mouth is to begin with," explained Lemmons.

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