Mi Veracruz on Spring Park Road specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine, food you would get in mama's kitchen, but the rules are much different when you're serving the public. 

We waited to talk with the owner about the six high priority violations cited by state inspectors.

First, chicken and fish were stored over peppers and salsa in the refrigerator. The restaurant was also cited for an employee not washing his hands before putting on gloves and not having a trained food manager on site or proof that all of the employees were trained on food safety rules.

"This is my first time opening a restaurant," one of the owners, Sandra Baez, said of the violations.

She opened up the restaurant with her mother and brother three months ago and admits she's still learning the rules.

She showed me proof one big violation was corrected: All three employees now have state approved training and identification cards.  Baez also said they've corrected the storage problem of raw food over fresh food and that she's actively working with the inspector to make sure she doesn't break food safety rules in the future.

This was only the Mi Veracruz's second inspection.  The owner said they're starting to get more customers and they want to make sure those customers not only enjoy their meal but don't get sick.