Save money when you rent a car on your trip

Published On: Mar 07 2014 02:06:41 PM EST   Updated On: Mar 10 2014 05:40:00 AM EDT

Whether you're traveling out of town on a business trip, taking an extended vacation or just need a different form of transportation for the weekend, renting a car is a convenient and affordable option. But there's money to be saved and inconvenience to be avoided. Next time you plan on renting a vehicle, make sure you read the fine print in the rental contract.

Questions to ask when renting a car:

When renting a car, it’s important to know the full details of the rental agreement including the basic rental terms and conditions, insurance options, and what to do in an emergency. Get the answers to these six questions before you sign your next car rental agreement.

1. What’s included in the quoted daily rate? When obtaining quotes from car rental services, verify that all applicable taxes and fees are included in the quoted price; otherwise you might end up with a higher-than-expected cost. For example, if you rent a vehicle from an airport location, you’ll likely pay more due to airport surcharges – make sure the quote rate includes your pickup and drop-off location.

2. What is the mileage plan? Many rental companies offer unlimited miles for the car rental period, allowing you to drive the car as much as you want without facing extra fees. But others may assess extra fees for surpassing a daily mileage maximum. If you rent a vehicle, especially for a period more than a few days, make sure you have unlimited miles or sufficient miles to cover your travels.

3. What if the car develops a mechanical problem? Cars in rental fleets tend to be very well maintained, but make sure you know what your options are should the vehicle break down. Ask the rental company what type of mechanical issues are covered, if any, in the quoted daily rate? Most companies will gladly give you a new car if the one that was initially provided has a problem, but what if the car breaks down on the road? Will the company provide a free tow truck to get you back and into a new car?

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