The four children were being cared for by their grandparents in the parents' mobile home, investigators said. The grandfather was not at the mobile home at the time of the fire.

"My mom was a great woman," Jennifer Fowler said. "She helped me out with them babies any time I needed help. She was actually down there trying to help get their clothes up and get them some snacks and stuff for them. And then, just caught on fire and she tired to get them in. She tried to save their life."

"Bubba, he was my little Mr. Cleaner, worker. He loved to help his daddy in the shed. He loved to help clean," Jennifer Fowler added. "Rachel, she was just a mommy's girl. She wanted me all the time. Janet was just starting to sit up. She broke her first tooth. I told her she was going to be the unique one because all of them have blonde hair and she come out with the brown hair."

Robert Pritchard (pictured below) was the 13-year-old who pulled Hattie Fowler from the burning home.

"All of a sudden I saw the girl hold the curtain back, and there was a fire behind her and she was banging on the window," Pritchard said.

He said he went in the front door and hopped over a baby gate.

Robert Pritchard

"I went in the room and grabbed her, and then right when I got outside she said, 'My brothers and sisters are in there,'" Pritchard said. "And by the time I got outside the whole house was on fire."

"I think I saved a life, but I think I could've done more. That's it," he added.

Pritchard said he tried to go back in the home.

"I seen a room that didn't have smoke in it, and I busted the window and I tried to get in there, and then all of a sudden the smoke went poof in the whole room and I had to jump back out," he said. "I was so close from getting in the back window."

Pritchard said he ran home to get his dad and call 911. Firefighters arrived four minutes later.

The children's grandfather and aunt thanked Pritchard at the home on Wednesday for saving Hattie.

UNCUT: Grandfather, aunt thank Pritchard

"There was no way I could get in," witness Jason Deraway said. "All you could hear was screaming; it was just horrible."

Deraway said he checked a few doors but the handles were hot, and he tried to get in to help the people trapped inside, but the flames were just too intense.

“It was pretty hot, so I went ahead and kicked a door with my foot, so as I kicked the door open, flames came shooting out,” Deraway said. "I know I heard the word help. 'Help me' at least three or four times. I don't believe I heard any kids screaming, but she (the grandmother) was screaming at the top of her lungs. You can't really explain, just a gut feeling you don't want to feel, someone screaming for help, knowing you can't help them."

He said he ran to the front door, but it was too late.

Senterfitt said he's concerned about the emotional trauma his firefighters went through after responding to the horrific fire.

With so many kids being pulled from the fire, many of these firefighters, who are parents themselves, along with neighbors in Oceanway, are struggling.