As a tornado tore through the Massey Ranch Air Park in Central Florida, several people were inside the hangars, said fire officials.

The National Weather Service confirmed Saturday that damage indicated 100-105 mph winds from the EF-1 tornado.

"Damage was everywhere, there was hangar debris everywhere, so I drove over here thinking there was nothing left," said John Calvo, who spent the night with his family inspecting damage at the private airplane hangars.

WKMG-TV reports Calvo's property was barely touched, but the one next door took the brunt of the storm, with its owner cowering inside.

"He's got a plane, a car. The plane was actually cut in half. The tail-end of the airplane was completely off," said Calvo. "The one guy was actually in the hangar when it came through. He just said it was loud as can be, scared as can be. He got lucky, is all I can say."

Firefighters said several people were inside the three damaged hangars when the tornado landed and then scattered debris in a path that was clearly visible from above.

None of the people inside the hangars were injured, firefighters said.

Cory Dewitt helped upright one of the two planes flipped over by the high winds. He works at the Air Park and was outside in the storm when that tornado hit.

"I thought I was going to die," said Dewitt. "I told my boss, 'Listen, it looks like a tornado.' Sure enough, we just saw debris fly. I've lived here my whole life, I've never seen weather like this."

Storm damage in Central Florida

Published On: Jul 25 2014 10:02:47 PM EDT

Volusia County Fire Rescue officials said two small planes overturned at Massey Ranch Air Park following storms in Central Florida.

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