He also warned, "sometimes when dealing with teenagers they can feel like the relationship is appropriate, but a parent educating their child that that kind of relationship is not appropriate is key."

Mizrahi said you should make it very clear to teenagers: "You are not allowed to have relationships with your teacher. It is wrong. It is illegal."

Mizrahi suggested you talk to other people at your child's school about anything out of the ordinary with your child and their teacher. If your child is being tutored, double check with the principal to make sure he/she is aware the teacher is tutoring your student.

Mizrahi recommended talking to other parents with children in your student's class. Are any of their children being tutored? Mizrahi said sex abusers typically target children who are struggling at home.

Maybe they are being raised by a distant relative or by someone who is not involved on a daily basis with the child's upbringing. Regardless, he recommended teaching your child about their body as soon as they become aware, what are good and bad touches. He said just as important, is telling them that it is not appropriate for them to see an adult's private areas, other than perhaps select family members.