We all get outraged by the ignorant things people say and do online, but bullying is not acceptable. Gaggle is a pretty open and free speech place, but it is not ok to post someone's personal information, or post links to personal information. This includes screenshots of images with the names still legible.

However, while posts may contain content that can be distasteful, Gaggle is not in a position to arbitrate disputes. In light of the protections afforded to online hosts of third party content, such as Gaggle, we rarely remove defamatory material, but we reserve the right to do so for legal or other reasons.

Photo Swap Response:

Sexual content is not welcome on PhotoSwap. Users receiving inappropriate pictures may report them to a moderator that will ban the user (using its unique mobile identifier or IP address) if deemed necessary. We try to be as clear as possible about it in our communication.

That said, there is no pre-screening of pictures and with thousands of new users and millions of pictures swapped every week it's challenging to deal with people engaging in such activities, especially if they're not reported. We're always trying to improve our moderation mechanisms and we're almost ready to deploy an update allowing us to handle user reports in real-time for better reactivity.

Also can Padadaz track down the IP or identifying information of the person who posts in appropriate content (for example, if it is subpoenaed by the police)? Is that even possible?

Yes, we collect IP addresses and mobile device identifiers for moderation purposes as specified in our privacy policy. We work with law enforcement when necessary.

Askfm Response:

More than 100 million young people globally use Ask.fm to discover themselves and the world around by asking questions in a simple and fun way. We acknowledge that it is often important for young people to ask questions without revealing their identity. It helps to discover what others think on the range of important subjects especially in the context of gender, race, culture, family and school. Our network allows its users ask and answer a staggering ONE BILLION questions a month. Only a very tiny fraction of those questions are mean or cruel, and we deal with those instances very robustly.

We strongly condemn the abuse of technology and posting of offensive comments on Ask.fm. In order to limit unacceptable use of the platform, we have put in place several new safety protocols. Firstly, we empowered users to decide which questions to answer and what content to publish. All users have the ability to turn off questions from those wishing to remain anonymous, block unwanted users and report offensive content. Secondly, we have developed an online Safety Centre to help internet users and their parents to understand the safety tools available on Ask.fm, and how to report any concern to us.

Furthermore, for few months now, we have installed a software to catch and automatically remove offensive content.

In addition, the company reviews every picture and video uploaded on Ask.fm. They are assessed by independent moderators and if deemed inappropriate, are removed on average within 15 minutes.

Finally, our dedicated team of customer support answers all questions from parents and users within 24 hours.

On Ask.fm anonymity does not mean unaccountability. If we detect a bully, we can identify their IP address and their whereabouts. Our policy towards users who are consistently aggressive in their communication with others is unapologetic. Our software allows us to block them from accessing other profiles and if necessary, block them from accessing the site. We encourage all our users and visitors to report offensive content to us by simply clicking the Report button.

These reports are reviewed by a team of moderators on average within 24 hours.

In the framework of an official investigation Ask.fm shares IP address and profile information of our users with law enforcement agencies. In order to obtain necessary information, the relevant law enforcement agency makes an official request to the Latvian authorities who, in turn, will pass the request on to us. We understand the importance and urgency of such requests and react quickly.