Security was higher than usual, with JSO officers parked on multiple corners in patrol cars and others in golf carts driving around.

A spokesman for the ownership group said heightened security would likely continue for the next few days.

Ramco Gershenson Properties Trust, the company that owns the River City Marketplace, issued this statement:

"This was an unfortunate incident, but a very isolated incident. While we have never had any security issues, our priority is the safety of our shoppers. We will do anything in our power to make this the best, safest shopping experience for all of our shoppers."

Regal Entertainment, which owns the movie theater, did not return calls for comment.

Most of the people shopping seem all that worried, but some questioned why security isn't tighter. Some referenced other outdoor shopping centers around town saying that security officers are always visible on either Segways, bikes, in cars, or in security towers. They say that isn't the case here.

"It could be a little better to be honest," Roy Reynolds Jr.

But others had no problem with the level of security at the mall.

"I'm not worried about it at all," said Derek James. "I always feel safe when I come out here to shop. I usually see a lot of police cars here. People in the stores always seem to be on top of it."

Owners of some of the stores around the movie theater where this fight happened say that they have only had a few concerns with security, but for the most part, things are kept under control. They say that even last night before the melee, security was pretty good in the area, with a few security officers working in the area when most stores were closed.

With many new stores still opening, many people still think of this as a great place to shop, but say that incidents like this definitely give the River City Marketplace a black eye.

"Last night I heard more people say they may not come back up here. I heard one lady say that this was the second time she came up here and something happened," Reynolds said.