Agency outlines placement options for 97-year-old murder suspect

Amanda Stevenson remains in St. Johns County jail

Published On: Apr 12 2013 03:30:17 PM EDT

The Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities has filed a 143-page report outlining placement and care options for 97-year-old murder suspect Amanda Stevenson, who remains in the St Johns County jail.

A St. Johns County judge ordered the agency to come up with a plan of placement options for Stevenson and submit it to him for review.

The agency says it will be up to the judge to decide the best plan for her.

Stevenson has been ruled not competent to stand trial in the shooting death of her nephew, 53-year-old John Rice.

The agency said it doesn't have the capabilities to deal with her dementia and other medical issues. The agency said its mission is to treat those with mental retardation or autism, and none of the five psychologists who examined Stevenson found she has those illnesses.

Because of her age and mental state, the court determined she's not suitable to remain in the jail cell where she has been since her September 2011 arrest.