A man who was found guilty of armed robbery while wearing a hood or mask and attempted armed burglary while wearing a hood or mask was sentenced to 25 years in prison Friday morning

Antwan Ellis, 25, has been sentenced in prison with a 20-year minimum mandatory, followed by five years of probation. He was found guilty of the armed robbery in January.

In September 2011, Ellis, wearing a ski mask and carrying a handgun, went to the BP gas station on 103rd Street. He approached a store clerk who was taking out trash, pulled out his handgun and fired a shot into the air demanding the clerk open the business.

The clerk tried to give Ellis his money, but Ellis refused it. The victim was able to get away and run for help.

Nearby police responded and saw Ellis running from the area. Police noticed while he was running he dropped his backpack in the road. Officers searched the backpack and found a birth certificate with Ellis' name on it. Police were at Ellis' home just as he arrived from the robbery.