It's Election 2012 and most of us have seen the political ads that are getting nastier and nastier.

There's one race in particular that's getting a lot of political buzz and a lot of help from outside influences.

We're talking about the battle between Aaron Bean and Mike Weinstein, where both want the District 4 seat in the Florida Senate.

We are still a long way from November, but the race for Florida Senate Seat is heating up and getting nasty in the home stretch.

Historically, North Florida votes overwhelmingly conservative, so the winner of State Senate Seat District 4 is likely to be decided by the primary.

That's why candidate Mike Weinstein said $400,000 to $500,000 will be spent a week on TV spots. But those spots, aren't necessarily from his or his opponent.

"A percent of what you're seeing on TV or the calls you're getting or the mailbox is being driven by this power struggle that has nothing to do with the two candidates," Weinstein said.

Bean said, "Personally, the Bean campaign has had a positive campaign. If you see an Aaron Bean approved, it is positive."

Weinstein said the campaign isn't about the candidates anymore...Bean said third parties have hijacked the race.

So Channel 4 checked and not one of the attack ads is sponsored by either candidate.

There is an ad that says, "Your record on illegal immigration is bad enough Mr.Bean. Your lies just make it worse." That's by the Floridians for Ethics and Truth who back Weinstein.

"Higher taxes, Obama, Crist, backed by liberals," another add says. "Weinstein is not conservative."

The Liberty Foundation backs Bean. So why the negative tone?

Weinstein said it's his battle against the good old boy network...and Bean said there's a lot at stake in Tallahassee.

The winner of their battle and the TV proxy war- will be decided August 14th.

"I'm not running against my opponent," Weinstein said. "I am running against the people that are supporting him all the money that's coming in from Tallahassee."

"It's just as important," Bean said. "It's really important who represents us in Tallahassee. We think we are conservative. We want to get that message out there."

For those wishing to vote for one of these two candidates, early voting in Duval County begins Saturday.