Beware of election season scams

Published On: Oct 02 2012 06:32:39 AM EDT   Updated On: Oct 02 2012 06:45:00 AM EDT

The Better Business Bureau says beware of scammers during the election season.  The BBB warns that thieves are using incentives based on what they think voters want to hear.  They're even brushing up on hot topics like the economy and health care in order to sound more convincing, in an effort to rip you off.

Be on alert for calls about voting surveys claiming you'll get a free cruise as long as you give your credit card number for port fees and taxes.   Its a scam!

Also, President Barak Obama is not going to pay your utility bill, so don't believe emails and texts.  Scammers claim to need your Social Security number and bank information to arrange payments for the fake federal program.

Beware of some fundraising calls for the candidates that can be phony.  Scammers may sound like they're calling from legitimate organizations, so be careful.  If you're not sure, don't donate over the phone.

And when it comes to phone surveys, the BBB says legitimate polling companies never offer prizes for participation or ask for your credit card number.

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