Boy talks about spanking by Georgia store clerk

Store video shows boy hit at least 25 times

Published On: Feb 04 2013 07:26:49 AM EST   Updated On: Feb 04 2013 07:27:08 AM EST

An 8-year-old boy spanked by a store clerk in Wrightsville says he was hit so many times with a belt that it felt like he was being stuck with five needles.
Logan Ivey told WMAZ-TV that a store clerk called him a demon, and he said, "I'll show you a demon," and threw a cookie at her. He said the clerk took him behind a counter and hit him repeatedly with a belt, while he screamed for his mother.
Police Chief Paul Sterling said officers arrested the store clerk Thursday after a video showed her hitting the boy with a belt about 25 times. The boy's father, Jody Ivey, saw the video and called it more of a beating.
The clerk and the store manager declined comment.