Claire of Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry is an inspirational 20 something that decided early on to focus her attention on creating timeless, “organically inspired” jewelry. She launched her business fresh out of college and has seen incredible success. Her persistence, patience, and especially, her attention to the heart of her collections, are making space for her locally and nationally (despite the crowded market). By combining her creativity with her business acumen, Claire has been able to craft her own career developing a jewelry company.

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck

Jewelry designing began in her youth. She credits her parents for demonstrating how to develop a craft and a business. Both of her parents are ceramic artists and have owned a studio and gallery in Gruene, TX for 27 years.

CSB: [They are the] perfect example of how you can succeed in making your craft a profession and have always encouraged me to follow my creative instinct.

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck 

While attending the University, Claire majored in International Studies and traveled to South America after graduation:

CSB: My travels to South America have influenced many aspects of my life. It is an incredibly beautiful continent full of amazing colors, textures and smells. It's actually really hard not to daydream about it all the time. And yes, my travels there have definitely influenced the design and initial creation of Claire Sommers Buck jewelry. I had the experience of traveling with a Peruvian Jewelry artist throughout the Sacred Valley in Southern Peru. His technique and passion for his craft encouraged me to dedicate what I have to creating jewelry and learning as much as I can within the craft.

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck 

After Claire’s travels to South America, she decided to return to her home state of Texas. Under her mother’s sage advice, Claire took out a small loan and rented a studio in Austin. Claire was able to network with the local art and design community within the hip and trendy districts of the city:

CSB: Yea, there have been bumps in the road, like all artists and self-starters can admit to, but overall the growth of my business has been a very natural progression. I would consider my first successful achievement to be when I was invited to sell my work in a gorgeous boutique in Austin a couple years ago.

I had been participating in an art market once a month in SOCO and really looked up to this young woman also selling her jewelry there. She was a BIG inspiration to me, so I chatted with her a lot and secretly took notes on how she was displaying things and how she interacted with customers.

When she took her leap to open up her own boutique, Mana Culture in South Austin, she invited me to sell my work there. I remember feeling so honored and excited. I still sell my work there and it has done very well. It was a great stepping-stone for me and taught me a lot about managing and keeping up with work on consignment. 

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck

Photo Credit: Claire Sommers Buck

The company has four distinctive lines: Classic, Arrows, Guadalupe, and Shaba:

CSB: [My]Classic Collection is the earliest collection and the most simple and sweet of all four so far. This collection draws on my love for the natural world around me including seedpods, leaves and organic textures, and colors.

The inspiration for my Guadalupe Collection stemmed from the beautiful river that runs through my hometown in central Texas. This collection is especially "of the earth" with the hammered copper seedpods, and organic lines of each piece.

The Shaba Collection was inspired by folk jewelry from Africa. The bold tribal lines, the rich antiqued brass and the bright accent colors convey a sense of enchantment - relics from a faraway land.

And lastly, my newest collection Arrows, was born out of my intense love for the Southwest. I incorporate antiqued silver with turquoise, crystals and native Southwest designs. Each piece is simple, yet powerful and mood-lifting at the same time.“