Deputies in Clay County are asking for the public's help in three unrelated cases involving theft.

In one case, a man's vehicle was burglarized in his driveway and the thief used multiple credit cards throughout Clay and Duval counties. Deputies are trying to identify the man seen using the victim's credit card on 103rd Street.

IMAGES: Surveillance photos capture thieves in 3 cases

In another case, a burglar entered a Walmart in the 1500 block of County Road 220 and selected three iPads from electronics. The cashier walked the items to the garden register per the thief's request, deputies said.

They said while the garden center cashier was ringing up other merchandise, the thief picked up each iPad, looking at it, and surreptitiously placed sticky price stickers over the actual price sticker, reducing the cost of the item.

He acquired the iPads for $14.88 each, with a resultant loss to Walmart of about $1,300, deputies said.

In a third case, a white man, white woman and black woman entered the same Walmart. They selected three prepaid T-Mobile phones and were concealed, deputies said. They said the white woman entered the bathroom for a period of time, and when she returned, they left the store.

The anti-theft devices were located in the bathroom and the phones were missing, deputies said. There was a total loss of $641.

Anyone with any information about any of these thefts is asked to call Detective Mike Layne at 904-264-6512.