The community is helping a fisherman who says he lost everything he owned after he was rescued from a burning boat near Nassau Sound.

"I got my boots my shirt and pants, that's it," said Willie Allen.

After hearing the troubles this local fisherman has been going through, many people in the community are stepping in the lend a helping hand.

"We count on the community for our business and this was a great way to just give back. To somebody in our community that needed help," said Steve Harowitz, president of All My Sons Moving Company.

Harowitz is letting Allen store his few remaining possessions at his facility for free.

"This gentleman seems like he was a very hard working gentleman trying to do right by his family and his children. And and just in a time of need this is what we are supposed to do," said Harowitz.

Most of his possessions went up on the boat, leaving Allen with just his shrimping boots and shorts. Other volunteers like Harowitz are reaching out to help Allen and his family.

"It makes me feel funny. I'm used to getting my own, you know, and then having to ask other people for help, you know. But I'm thankful for what everybody's doing for me," said Allen.