One group, Bikers Against Child Abuse, has been supporting the family since October 2009 by riding for the cause.

"Today was about the family," one biker said. "Sad is not even a word to describe it, but it's over."

Later this month, the group plans to have another event to continue to raise awareness.

Meanwhile, parents of children at Somer's school, Grove Park Elementary, said a weight has been lifted off their shoulders now that Somer's killer has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

"Very relieved. It's so difficult riding through the neighborhood every day, not knowing," parent Chautauqua Smith said. "I'm very relieved."

The school and the neighborhood has been with the Thompsons every step of the way. They helped search for Somer, held vigils before and after her body was found. They rallied around her family as the suspected killer was caught.

"It was surreal," school bus driver Victoria Ritch said. "All I kept thinking was we were here in the neighborhood. Could we have seen something?"

Ritch remembers when Somer went missing like it was yesterday. She remembers the neighbors holding out hope, then crying when that gruesome discovery was made. She weighed in on Friday's developments.

"I don't think it's fair that Somer's not alive," Ritch said. "Why should he get to live in prison? He should get the death penalty."

"I think he should serve time," school aid Janice Coulter said. "I think they get more punishment that way than they do by just injecting them with something."

His punishment is up for debate, but what people at the school are certain of is the school and neighborhood will never be the same.

"It's always good whenever you can close a book on something bad like this," Ritch said. "I think it makes people more aware to pay a little more attention to the kids who are here in the neighborhood."

"You always see a lot of people walking dogs and around, just keeping an eye on the children," Smith said. "It's good to see the community pulling together like that."

Friday night, family and friends held a candlelight vigil and sang "You Are My Sunshine," Somer's favorite song.