Courthouse problems still being addressed

Handicapped access among number of issues

Published On: Nov 15 2012 06:52:51 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 15 2012 06:22:50 PM EST

There are still problems with the new Duval County Courthouse that have to be addressed.

No. 1 is regarding handicapped access. Automatic doors have not been added, and some doors are still too hard to open.

But City Council President Bill Bishop says there is a host of other issues that need to be addressed.

"I will not advocated for another penny than $350 million," Bishop said. "The pot's dry. No more."

The city is still working to build a new state attorney's office. There are delays renovating the old federal courthouse.

Now the cost is going up about $31 million from $20 million, and it looks like it won't be done until April 2014. It was suppose to be ready next year.

One other issue that came up, even though construction is done, is there are contracts with contractors those like Leo Jackson, who installed carpeting that has not been paid for.

"Turner (Construction) indicated, says they have some of the same issues," Jackson said. "If Turner gets paid, I know I'll get paid. They are an excellent contractor."