"Do you remember how many times you shot?" a detective asked.

"I shot four times and pull out, and in my mind they got a gun," Dunn said. "And so not training, I was still scared. And so I shot four more times."

"When you were fleeing?" the detective asked.

"Yeah, when their heads were down to not catch any return fire," Dunn said.

After the interview, detectives at the Brevard County Sheriff's Office told Dunn that he was going to be arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

Videos and audios of several witness interviews were also released.

The fiancee of a man who was using the restroom at the Gate gas station told detectives she heard gunfire and looked to see a middle-aged white man leaning out of a car with a silver handgun.

"I heard two loud bangs real quick, and then the car was speeding off," she said in a sworn statement to detectives. "And then there were another four or five after that, and he had the gun in his hand."

Witness statements from those who were in the SUV in which Davis was killed and from Dunn's girlfriend, who was in the store and spoke with Dunn as they were driving off, are included in the nearly 150 pages of documents that were released last week.

Strolla told the judge he needs six months to prepare for the murder trial that's supposed to last about a week. But the judge put the trial on the books for late September, a day Davis' family is looking forward to.

"The sooner the better," said John Phillips, the Davis family's attorney. "There are a lot of witnesses and there's a lot to do to prepare for a one-week trial."

Phillips said that in the civil case against Dunn, he'll file a claim of defamation on behalf of Davis' family because of Dunn's claim he saw a shotgun that was never found.

Dunn, 46, was denied bond and will remain in jail until his trial.

In court Tuesday, Dunn's attorney asked the state to pay for his legal fees because Dunn's only asset is a car that the state already seized.