Charges include racketeering and influenced corrupt organizations, or RICO, money laundering, and keeping of gambling houses, slot machines and lottery.

The scope of the operation included six states, 23 Florida counties, 57 state arrest warrants and 53 federal search warrants. Investigator seized 44 vehicles and vessels, froze and/or seized 260 bank accounts, with $64.7 million seized as of Wednesday afternoon.

At least 500 law enforcement officers were used in the investigation.

Nelson Cuba and Robbie Freitas at bond hearing "These gambling centers were purportedly operated for charitable purposes," said Dominick Pape, special agent in charge of Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Jacksonville office. "Our investigation suggests the premise of charity is a lie. ... It's a lie to our dedicated veterans who have protected our country, because little money has made it to the charities."

Investigators believe that the reality is that each gambling center is operated by owners' for-profit companies who funneled the bulk of money to the management of organizations not charities.

As for the allegations against Cuba and Freitas, the FOP said Wednesday it was totally unaware and "dumbfounded" by what the two are accused of doing.