Once upon a time, there was a girl who was incredibly rich with dreams

Whenever she allowed her lashes to converse with the mahogany apples of her cheeks, she was raptured

To a palace sanctuary, where she suffered from a deliciously severe case of multiple personalities

Sometimes she was a princess

Other times, a graceful ballerina, a dramatic movie star, and even that yellow power ranger that everyone in Kindergarten thought was cool, because she could fight just as well, if not better, than the boys on her team

She was unstoppable

Gleaming with 24 karat, Disneyland bubblegum innocence, she promised herself that if she could just jump high enough, the air would carry her four-year-old frame the rest of the way and that she would shake hands with eagles

But one day, her eyes were opened and she began falling

At 7, her mixture of blissful ignorance and innocence is snuffed out against a mattress and she is told shhhh dont you dare tell anyone

In that moment, she wishes that she were psychic, because if she knew that her palace were being foreclosed she would have at least smuggled some fairy dust for the road and have a childhood high lasting for decades

Growing oblivious to this abusive relationship she now has with the ground called gravity

Not feeling quite as shiny, she hugs to feel valuable

Locking herself away in someone’s treasure chest so that for one second she isnt being chalk outlined and associated with drive by bullets of laughter and insults

At 12, she enters a pubescent chrysalis with baggy clothes

Suffocating blossoming butterfly wings with handcuffs as if her physical maturing were a misdemeanor

Frequently frisked by imposter policemen with fingers like rusty blades

At 16, her crowning glory is cut to match the wrists of her soul as they beat against the daggers taking reign as her ribcage

Making it virtually impossible for her to breathe without pain

She is a mime fluent in body language

She has learned to squeeze and suppress emotions so raw that her teardrops are nothing more than subliminal messages ridden with salmonella