She cries in clichés of Calgon to be taken away into space through an overabundance of pharmaceutical capsules, but she was one of the favored ones, who found out the powerful potency in blood stained prayer

She was rescued by a crucified and resurrected knight in shining armor

That prince of peace charming ever so properly named Emmanuel and she escaped the seductions of sucide

Today…Im still slightly insecure but I’m learning how to sleep peacefully inside of this screaming skin

I have enough Russian roulette courage to say yes

I was that girl who danced a cappella in the shadows

I was that Facebook status, so sick of being commented on but desperately trying to be liked

I was that 1991 throwback slowjam that people heard but didn’t quite care to listen and groove to

I was the flaming firefly you saw in the cool of the afternoon that snowflake you tasted on a summer day in Florida

I wore the out of order sign like it was the hottest thing in New York during fashion week

So baby you cant tell me that something rare is replicable

Call a rose by another name

Or tell me that i am nothing because now I am that woman with a throat full of gun powder

So when I speak, my words explode forth with violent volumes, and despite what my nearsighted haters may falsely prophesy

I will live happily ever after and this is not the end

This is just my exposition

This is an overdue release

Fairy Tale by Alisha. S. Lockley 2010©