"Not at 12 o'clock at night when people come through the gate or when we are closed," responded Rollinson.

So if the owners don't hold themselves accountable, who will?  There is a state agency that regulates cemeteries but it says Restlawn doesn't fall under its control because it is owned by a charitable organization.  It says the only restitution for those whose loved ones are missing is to pay out of pocket and sue.

Restlawn Cemetery "Our mom and dad aren't there.  It's just their remains, but it's still our mom and dad. I mean we feel they're in heaven and one day we will meet them again, but right here on this Earth, that's all we have, left of our mom and dad," said Todd.

Members of the Todd family aren't sure if they will sue or not.  But we checked and others have sued.  In fact recently, an 83-year-old woman won an $85,000 settlement for a similar issue. 

Todd tells Channel 4 that Rollinson did contact her the morning of November 14, the day this story aired.  Todd says Rollinson told her he has 20 days to handle the problem and is doing the best he can.  Rollinson told Todd the money used to upkeep the cemetery is tied up in a trust controlled by the cemetery's former owners.  Court records show the two are in a legal battle over it.