Hundreds of people came together Wednesday night to say goodbye to 17-year-old Jordan Davis.  

For more than three hours, friends and family poured into a funeral home on San Jose Boulevard. Even those who didn’t know the Davis family came to pay their respects to the Wolfson High School senior. 

Davis was killed Friday night when 45-year-old Michael Dunn shot into the SUV Davis was inside, authorities said. Police said Dunn fired his gun eight or nine times in a dispute over loud music.

Tiara Hall was one of the teen's friends at the funeral home.

"He was so cool, so nice, so wonderful. I'm just speechless," said Hall. "He was a big part of our class. He was funny and popular, he really was."

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said he went to show support for the family.

“When I first heard about this crime, I was shocked. How could something like this happen over loud music?" said Jefferson.

Jefferson spoke to the Jordan's father inside the funeral home, who said he is heartbroken . He refuses to talk about Dunn, the man accused of killing his son. Instead, he told Jefferson he wants to focus on something more positive. 

“His mission is to first find justice for his son, then get guns off the street," said Jefferson.

Jordan’s funeral will be held Saturday in Marietta, Ga. Then, his friends said, they'll have to find a way to move on from this without Jordan. 

There were three other people in an SUV Friday night in which 17-year-old Jordan Davis was shot and killed. Channel 4 has learned one of those witnesses has expressed his outrage over the shooting on Facebook.

Tommie Stornes, 19, was a friend and classmate of Davis. Stornes' comments on Facebook are the first public statements from a witness inside the SUV.

Tommie Stornes on hood of SUV On Saturday morning, hours after seeing his friend was shot to death in his SUV, Stornes (pictured, right) expressed his grief online.

At 10:31 a.m., he wrote on his Facebook wall: "If anybody seen the news last night about my truck getting shot up, I'm just letting everybody know I'm alrightt, but my homboi didn't make it…R.I.P. Jordan."

Later that afternoon, he wrote, "Can't think straight right now I just wish we woulda stopped somewhere else or just not have stoped at all…R.I.P. Jordan."

In response to someone else's comment, he said, "That man wanted to kill us Kusz the music was loud."

His last comment was Saturday night: "Everybody just please stop asking me what happened. Kusz im still trying to process that I had to watch my homboi die and not only that, everybody in the car could have lost their life last night, I just hate that any of us had to…"

In Storne's Facebook photos, there is a picture of him sitting on the hood of his red Dodge Durango. It's the same Durango police said Dunn shot into eight or nine times at a gas station.

Channel 4 made several attempts to reach out to Stornes and see if he wanted to comment, but he did not reply.

Dunn waived his first appearance in Duval County court Wednesday morning on charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder. His attorneys did appear in court.