Police brought Dunn from Brevard County to Jacksonville on Tuesday. His next court date is set for Dec. 19.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigators said the shots were fired after Dunn had a verbal altercation with the teens over loud music and that no weapon was found in the SUV.

Dunn's lawyer, Robin Lemonidis, said he saw a shotgun coming from the SUV and felt his life was in danger. She said that's what caused Dunn to grab his gun out of his glove box and fire at the SUV.

Prosecutor Mark Caliel commented Wednesday about the accusation that there was a shotgun in the victim's car and it was disposed of.

"It's really inappropriate for attorneys to be commenting about the evidence of a pending case because of the adverse effect it could have on our ability to try the case fairly," Caliel said. "Commenting on the evidence is supposed to be left to the courtroom, and that's what we're going to do. We're going to investigate the case thoroughly. I know the Sheriff's Office has been working tirelessly since the shooting took place, as well as the state attorney's office responded to the scene."

Caliel did say he believes Dunn's attorneys will try to argue a "stand your ground" defense.

Several people at the gas station witnessed the shooting and provided police with a description of the car. One remembered Dunn's license plate number, allowing police to track him to his home in Satellite Beach, where he was arrested on Saturday.

According to the arrest report, one of the victims in the SUV that was fired upon picked Dunn out from a photo lineup.

"He was not a vigilante of any sort. He simply responded as he felt was necessary when he was threatened," Lemonidis said of Dunn. "By asking politely a fellow citizen of this world to, 'Would you mind turning that down?' in that tone of voice, if that's precipitating violence, then we're all in trouble."

Davis' family will receive friends and family on Friday from 6-9 p.m. at West Cobb Funeral Home and Crematory at 2480 Macland Road in Marietta, Ga. Funeral Services will be held on Saturday at noon at Trinity Chapel Church of God at 4665 Macland Road in Powder Springs, Ga.

"It's unbelievable, someone you played with. He always used to be on my floor at my house, and now I'm looking at this child in a casket," Yvonne Williams said before the viewing Wednesday night. "It shouldn't happen like that."

A foundation will be created by Davis' parents for at-risk students who suffer from tragedies.