"The key points that I brought up were wasteful spending, lack of transparency, gross mismanagement, unethical and unlawful behavior -- and the case has expanded since then," McArthur told Channel 4 on Tuesday during The Morning Show.

McArthur said she regularly sends information to the governor's office, hoping he'll call for a grand jury investigation into how FSCJ has been run.

"I've sent him every piece of information. I really hope so. He has campaigned on eliminating waste in government, and this is one case," McArthur said. 

Last Sunday, Gov. Rick Scott ordered top-down review at FSCJ.

Suanne Thamm, one of the FSCJ trustees, said in an email that it looks like Wallace will announce his "retirement" in order to forestall the governor's removal of the entire board of trustees.

"You might think that the governor would deal directly with his board on matters like college leadership. But, no. We get to read his opinions in the newspaper," Thamm wrote. "We've come a long way ... from the politics of Jeb Bush, the governor who appointed us because he cared about the future of our state's education programs and future. Even lipstick won't help the current pig."