Trauger replied, "No, that was the whole deal. That is my home. That's just a mailing address. I have no house, and I got no money and I got no assets. It's all in that (BLEEPing) boat that she just took off in."

Officers asked Trauger for his cell phone number, but he brings up something else.

"If she says I make harassing phone calls to her. Bull."

Trauger told officers he had nowhere to live, and appeared completely caught off guard.

"I don't know what to do," he said. "I can't believe this."

The conversation revealed just how important the Premium Time was to Trauger.

An officer asked, "Was that your intention for coming down?" Trauger answered, "To live on that boat til the day I die."

Witnesses said that day everything changed.

"When they escorted him off the boat, as he was leaving he said 'this is my boat and I will kill you guys,'" witness Jesse Marrero recalled.

Those words sent Barnes into hiding. She docked the boat nearly 50 miles south at the St. Mary's Boat Yard. Then a few weeks later, by chance, Trauger spotted Barnes.

"He said 'Crystal I found her,'" Ferrier said. "'I just ran into her inside a Walmart.' He ran into her inside a Walmart. Ok, David. He goes, 'I followed her out to see where she was going, she ran like you had never seen somebody run.'"

Barnes filed a police report, and one day later, a man fitting Trauger's description was seen at the boat yard. As a safety precaution, Barnes' friend Larry Ford came to stay with her.

Ford's friend Mabel Smith said, "He didn't want her to be alone because she was afraid of her ex-husband. And he was staying with her to help her out."

Barnes then filed a protective order against Trauger. He was never served. Three days later, police found the Premium Time in flames. Barnes and Ford were believed to be aboard the yacht. Police named David Trauger as the main suspect.

"If you'd asked me if he was capable, I would have laughed in your face and said this is ridiculous," Graham mused. "I know him well enough to know he's not a murderer. Well I guess I didn't know him that well."

After a manhunt, police found Trauger outside his Kingsland apartment. Detectives said he fired a gun at officers, they returned fire killing him. Now Graham is left to wonder how a union with so much promise, spiraled out of control.

"He painted this beautiful picture and she bought it," Graham said. "And she put into the picture to make it more beautiful and they should have had a great life."

St. Mary's police still can't positively say it was Karen Barnes and Larry Ford on the boat. DNA testing will take months.

Karen Barnes' family didn't feel comfortable talking on camera just yet, they are waiting for the remains to be positively identified.

But there is a sense of hurt there because they said Barnes told them she was afraid of her ex-husband.