The trio reportedly had bought camping gear and were hiding out in the remote San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado.

Jenny Neal, 38, a clerk working at the time the siblings went to the Sinclair gas station in Colorado City, Col., said she had not been paying attention to the news so she didn't know who they were. She said she learned that it was Dylan Dougherty Stanley who went into the store, by himself, and bought vitamin water, sunflower seeds and gas.

"He was perfectly polite and friendly and, you know, completely calm and courteous and I really didn't think anything about it," she said.

Moments later, Neal said she saw patrol cars speeding down the highway and thought something was up, but it wasn't until a detective went into the store and asked to review video footage that she found out who her customer was.

Neal said she has wondered what would have happened had she known who they were and her demeanor had not been so calm.

"It's probably better that I didn't know anything, you know. I mean, it could've been different had I recognized them and been nervous or anything. It's a scary thought," she said.