Helping job seekers get back in the game

Tough job market forecast forecast to continue in 2013

Published On: Jan 04 2013 07:18:52 AM EST   Updated On: Jan 04 2013 08:32:14 AM EST

Many people are hoping to start the new year off with a new job. Employment experts say it will be a battle for those trying to return to the workforce in 2013, but that there are some tools to help get job seekers back in the game.

The current unemployment rate is 7.7 percent, the lowest it's been since December 2008. But that doesn't mean the job market is in a safe spot. More Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, but the numbers could be even higher due to the holidays. This shows there is still a lot of work to be done.

"We've seen incredible pops in the job market in the last quarter, which is great news." said Amy McGeorge, CEO of Talagy, a national recruiting firm headquartered in Jacksonville.

Whether the newest unemployment numbers get better or worse, job seekers should remain optimistic. Now that the President and Congress have a reached an agreement on the fiscal cliff, companies may start hiring again in the coming months.

"That means people looking for jobs need to be on their A game. Make sure everyone you know knows you're looking for a job. Go back and look at your resume and see what it's telling people," said McGeorge.

For those who have been unemployed for a period of time and are nervous about getting back into the work force, McGeorge says there is something you should not do.

"Do not sit in your house and send resumes out to people you don't know and do job boards. People don't get jobs that way." advises McGeorge.

Technology, sales, engineering are the fields really improving, according to employment data.