Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain delivered speeches to three crowds Thursday in downtown Jacksonville.

Cain spoke on what he calls a "truth tour," saying he wants to equip Americans with the facts that will help decide the future of the nation.

The tour is 30 days in 30 cities, with three events a day. It's sponsored by Job Creators Solutions, an organization that began with Cain and Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of the Home Depot.

At one of Thursday's events, Cain talked about turning around the economy.

"The other thing is, what is the serious plan relative to bringing down the debt?" he said. "Because the amount of interest we pay on debt is starting to rival what we spend on defense, and businessmen and women understand that if we don't get debt under control, we will not have inflation under control."

The three events Thursday targeted different audiences. A breakfast focused on faith-based and community leaders. A lunch catered to business leaders. And an event Thursday evening was to focus on colleges.