There are more than 1,000 malls in the United States, and on average, it will take someone five trips to the mall to complete all holiday shopping.  But not if you have some secret weapons - including some apps that will lead to "appy" shopping.

You can use free apps to help you buy all your holiday gear.   Do know what you want but don't know how much to spend? will tell how much you need to save each week between now and Christmas to get you to your goal, and it will tell you how much to adjust if you get off track. 

If you see items online that you want, but aren't ready to buy, Clipix will store those in one place for you.  All you do is add a price you'd be willing to pay for each item, and Clipix alerts you when the price drops.

And forget about your traditional Christmas cards.  The Postagram apps allow you to send your photos as a real postcard for 99 cents