The USOC said Tuesday it has two and a half years to decide whether to submit a 2024 bid and would do so in an "economically efficient way."

While New York and Chicago were selected by the USOC after a domestic bid process that cost up to $10 million, the USOC said it would embark on any new bid through "a thoughtful but more efficient process."

"The games have had a transformative impact on a number of host cities, including Barcelona, Beijing and London," Blackmun said.

Jacksonville is also in the running for the next Olympic swimming trials. It's momentum the city just didn't have 10-15 years ago.

"I think it's an honor," Verlander said. "I think it's a respect factor that Jacksonville is one of those cities now that's a national leader."

Visitors in town in for a conference like the idea of Jacksonville as a host city.

"It's easy to get here, the transportation was great, and I think it would be outstanding," said Debby Crabtree, who's visiting from Ohio.