Jaguars cornerback Brian Williams was brought to Jacksonville this year to bolster the team's defense.

Williams is expected to start in Sunday's opening game against the Dallas Cowboys despite his arrest last weekend for allegedly driving under the influence.

Officers said they pulled over Williams when they saw his 2006 Bentley swerving on Bay Street downtown early Saturday morning. According to the arrest report, the officer noticed an odor of alcohol on Williams, but he denied that he was drinking.

When Williams was asked to get out of the car, officers said he stumbled and said, "I ain't gonna blow." In a field sobriety test, officers said he stepped off the line three times and then said he would no longer cooperate.

After he was arrested on DUI charges and placed in the back-seat cage of the patrol car, police said he used racial slurs toward the arresting officer and was profane and cursing the entire time.

Williams was drafted out of North Carolina State in 2002 by the Minnesota Vikings. He has played in 62 games with 48 starts over four seasons

In March, the Jaguars signed Williams to a six-year, $32-million contract.

The Jaguars declined comment on the arrest, and Channel 4's Jennifer Bauer was not able to reach Williams.

Channel 4's sports director Sam Kouvaris said the arrest won't necessarily keep him out of Sunday's season opener. Because he has not been convicted of a crime, Williams is not in violation of any league policy.

"It's completely out of the Jaguars' hands," Kouvaris said. "If a conviction is brought down, a whole different set of rules come into play."