This was the first time in franchise history the Jaguars changed their logo. At the same time, a new slogan was announced. It's "Stand United," something owner Shad Khan hopes the Jaguars will do when it comes to the new gear.

Fingland said Nike kept the new jerseys very secretive. The store owner has been on the phone with them every day arranging for them to be shipped as soon as possible.

"Primary color is going to be black. They're going to have some teal highlights in it," Fingland said. "They're not going to eliminate the teal, but it's gong to be more of a highlight color. There's probably going to be a little bit of gold in it. They're going to incorporate some of the shield logo, military theme in it. Lots of rumors floating around, but no one knows for sure, so that's part of the excitement part of what keeps it fun."

Sports Mania has a running waiting list for people wanting to buy one when they come in.