Northeast Florida has become pretty used to the rain in recent weeks and months, but Mother Nature sure was looking out for the thousands celebrating Labor Day at the beach.

People from out of town made their way to Jacksonville Beach, but even more locals took advantage of the sandy shore.

"The water's warm, beautiful day, nice and sunny, so it's been perfect," beachgoer Kathy Ward said.

"A lot of people stayed put, you know, and came and used the resources here in Jax Beach and didn't travel as far," said Capt. Thomas Wright, of Jax Beach Ocean Rescue. "So we're very, very busy this year."

Not only were lifeguards busy at the beach, local businesses were seeing the crowds as well. Gary Messer, the owner of Surf and Skate Surf Shop, said business couldn't have been any better this holiday weekend.

"A lot of the locals have been bringing their friends from out of town to us," Messer said. "Yesterday was so swamped in here you couldn't hardly walk through the isles."

As Labor Day comes to an end, Messer is expecting even more business. Tropical Storm Leslie is making her way through the Atlantic Ocean with 60 mph winds and is expected to bring swells to Jacksonville area beaches.

"We should be seeing 4-foot surf or better for over a week," Messer said. "We're all excited about it. The team and everybody, we're ready for it."