Judge limits Cristian Fernandez questions

Defense motion granted to limit scope of psychologist's questioning

Published On: Jun 19 2012 04:45:31 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 19 2012 04:58:09 PM EDT

The judge in the Cristian Fernandez case has granted a defense motion to limit the scope of questioning when a psychologist sits down and talks to the 13-year-old boy about the sexual assault charge he faces.

Judge Mallory Cooper said the psychologist cannot ask Fernandez about specifics of the crime, nor can he ask Fernandez about conversations he had with his first defense lawyers.

Fernandez's current defense lawyers were concerned the teen would incriminate himself by answering those questions from the psychologist.

Fernandez is accused of molesting his 5-year-old half brother.

The charge was filed after the younger boy told another therapist what had happened.

Fernandez is also accused of killing his 2-year-old half brother. He's awaiting separate trials in both cases.