A jury convicted Meloney Lee Jackson of killing her husband, but a judge must decide if the verdict will stand after learning one of the jurors had a romantic relationship with Jackson's oldest son.

According to the state attorney's office, after the verdict was read, the juror -- Amanda Daniels -- came back inside and started talked with Jackson's son. The communication caught the attention of a bailiff and an investigator.

"They just came together and said, 'This is what we saw and we need to bring it to the attention of the court,'" Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson said.

In a memo to the judge, an investigator said he watched the son, James Wallace, leave with the juror and he thought it was "strange."

On the way back to jail, Jackson also told a deputy, "There was a girl on the jury that my son broke her heart and now, today, she has broken his heart."

Investigators later learned Wallace and Daniels began dating in 2003 and broke up last fall. When questioned, Wallace said he never talked with his mother about Daniels.

Because the relationship was not disclosed to the court before Daniels was picked for the jury, it could be considered as a conflict of interest.

Last week, Judge James Nilon privately interviewed Daniels to find out if she knew Jackson before the trial and whether or not she may have said anything to her fellow jurors. Details of that conversation were not released and the judge is not expected to decide whether to order a retrial until Jackson's next scheduled court appearance on July 20.

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