One in four women will be assaulted, violently attacked, or beat up before their 18th birthday. But how many of us are actually prepared for a violent encounter? We caught up with a martial artist who's using her skills to keep women in her city from becoming a statistic.

They're preparing for the fight for their lives.

"In 5 seconds you could be out!" Sensei Beverly Bradley, from Underground Physique said.

For many women, a physical attack is a real threat, one Beverly Bradley doesn't take lightly.

"Chop the neck! This stops the flow of blood to the carotid arteries," Bradley explained.

The black belt has been teaching fitness for 25 years, but in 2004 her focus changed. Headlines and images of the murdered Florida girl, Carlie Brucia, girl struck a cord.

"Her footprints were all over the roof of the car and I said 'oh my God' this girl was fighting. It just broke my heart and I thought if she knew, if she knew some of the simplest things," Bradley said.

They are things she's vowed to teach other children and women.

I volunteered in every school I could find so hopefully no other girl or boy would ever be in that situation again," Bradley said.

Her rules are simple.

"Number one avoidance, number 2 awareness, number 3 make noise," Bradley said.

Your best defense?

"These are weapons. Your finger gets in an eye? Man it's a done deal," Bradley explained.

Regardless of the attackers strength, she says the ears, nose and neck are a universal weakness.

"This point will kill somebody but hey you have to take it personally if somebody's hands are around your neck," Bradley added.

She also teaches how to think like a criminal.

"I spoke to someone once who attacked who was in prison for attacking a woman. He said one of the things he looks for is long hair especially long hair with ponytails cause he can easily wrap his hand around it and throw someone to the ground," Bradley said.

Half of all attacks happen during the day. Walking alone, on the phone, or with headphones or full hands make you an easy target.

"That's when most attacks happen they're comfortable," Bradley added.

For Kathy it was the last place she expected.