According to a police report, a machete-wielding man, who a witness said was foaming from his mouth, caused havoc throughout a Ft. Caroline neighborhood.

Police say 38-year-old Luis Alicea went through his neighborhood smashing windows on homes and in cars.

Police reports reads that Alicea was saying, "Kill me, kill me. I want to die," as he went on a rampage through his neighborhood.

Neighbors like Ricky Bogert said he was stunned at what he saw.

"Me and my son were gonna go get him in the bushes," said Bogert. "But he came out of the bushes and he had a machete. My wife ran that way, me and my son run this way."

Neighbors called police and that's when police said Alicea headed for Alice Vaccaro's home. Vaccaro said she is so exhausted by the ordeal that she didn't want her face put on camera.

Vaccaro said that there's so much damage to her home from Alicea's rampage that she doesn't even know how much it will cost her yet.

"Oh yeah, I couldn't even give you a price yet," said Vacarro.

First, Vacarro said Alicea tried to get through her front window, but couldn't so he smashed through another window with double-paned glass.

"So I heard the running, I got up and ran out here," said Vacarro. "Policeman was already here and told me you need to go next door, he's still in your house."

Police said Alicea "appeared to be on a psychotic drug." Alicea made his way upstairs in Vacarro's home and that's when he did the most damage.

In addition, police said Alicea ripped the toilet from the ground, and they think he used his machete to try and hack the toilet apart.

Vaccaro said she has to hire Kustom US, a disaster relief company, to repair all the damage that includes the second story window where rampage eventually ended.

Police said Alicea dove out of the second floor window head first and when he landed, he was surrounded by police.

"What do you tell insurance?" asked Channel 4's Scott Johnson. "A man with a machete is the cause?"

"Yeah, they laughed. That was the first machete claim they ever had," said Vacarro.

Alicea is a registered sex offender who has been arrested by JSO fifteen times between 2003 and 2013, according to jail records.  He is not eligible for bond.