The murder trial for a man accused of killing a pregnant Arlington mother of three in June 2010 ended in a mistrial Tuesday.

Andrew King, 26, was charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of 23-year-old Felicia Burney and her unborn child.

The jury deliberated nine hours before telling the judge it was deadlocked.

A status conference is scheduled for Monday, when both sides will talk about the timetable for a second trial.

Prosecutors said Burney's roommate found her stabbed to death inside her home in the 8300 block of Berry Avenue. Burney had three preschool-aged children and was 8½ months pregnant.

That roommate, Daniell Butler, had to relive that horrific day as she took the stand in court last week and listened to her own 911 call of when she found Burney dead on the couch.

"Felicia. Oh my God, she's cold," Butler said in the call played in court. "Felicia, you need to wake up."

Butler said she thought her roommate was sleeping, but when she pulled off the covers, she found Burney cut up and covered in blood.

"When she didn't respond to me, I did what anyone else would do," Butler said. "I pulled the covers back and it makes them wake up by getting the cold air, and she had black blood all over her mouth. I didn't know it was blood at first. I thought maybe she had eaten some pudding or Reese's."

Burney didn't get along with Butler's on-and-off boyfriend, the defendant King, prosecutors said. They said King thought Burney was interfering with their relationship.

King had kicked in the door the month prior and a judge had told him he was not allowed back on the property, prosecutors said. They said he did go back on the property on a regular basis, and the night Burney was killed, Butler said he had been milling around the driveway and wouldn't leave.

"He didn't hurt anybody at that point," Butler said. "I just told him to go home and leave us alone."

"Did you call the police, yes or no?" a defense attorney asked.

"No, I didn't," Butler said.

"Because you were not in fear of him, isn't that right?" the defense attorney said.

"I was nervous of what he was doing and what he was planning, but I didn't think it was anything like that," Butler said.

Police said King entered the home using a set of house keys, which were found near the back door. Police said King stabbed Burney in the neck and chest with a knife. They said the killing was the result of a conflict that escalated.

"This is not happening. There's no way this is happening," she said in the 911 call.

King was initially arrested on unrelated charges the day of the killing and named a person of interest in Burney's death. He wasn't charged with her murder until August 2010.

King faces the death penalty if he's convicted in a second trial.

This case marked the first murder trial in the new Duval County Courthouse.