Jackson said her family wants a concrete barrier put up in front of their house, otherwise she said they will not feel protected.

Road bumps to be added leading up to home

After seeing yet another car plow through her yard, Felicia Jackson wondered if anything would be done to keep her family safe at home.

Jacksonville city councilman Don Redman says it's a battle the family shouldn't have to fight alone.

The intersection is in his district, and he says the latest accident is proof that some type of speed deterrent is long overdue.

"It's a shame we have to have accidents, and most of all that someone has to lose their life before we do something," Redman said.

He said he went to the city Public Works department in August when a van crashed into the Jacksons' home, killing their daughter.

"I talked to the Public Works at that time and encouraged them to do something," Redman said. "They weren't willing to do it at that time for whatever reason, I don't know."

Now things have changed.

The city says it is looking into adding what are called rumble strips on the roads leading to the intersection. A spokesperson says the city began discussing options immediately after the second crash.

Redman says the strips have already been effective on Bowden Road, where before workers put them down, people would run into a barricade.

Since the strips have been installed, there hasn't been any issue.

It's not clear when the strips will be installed at the intersection near the Jacksons' home, but Redman says he's glad the first step to make it safer has started.