Police say a man reported missing Tuesday may have crashed his small plane into the ocean miles off the coast of Mayport.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says Gene Milowicki's car was found at Herlong Airport with a suicide note on the passenger seat and his small plane was missing from its hanger. Airport records show Milowicki entered the airport at 2:04 a.m.

Charter boat Capt. Dan Lindley told Channel 4 he was out Sunday afternoon on a dive charter when they spotted the aircraft wreckage 12 to 15 miles offshore. He said he hauled a piece of the fuselage and other parts of the plane onto his boat.

"Capt. Dan Lindley photo of aircraft wreckage You could tell it was fresh wreckage; no grass or barnacles," Lindley said.

IMAGES: Aircraft debris found in ocean

Lindley said police came Tuesday night and picked up the debris. Police said investigators are trying to determine if the parts match Milowicki's aircraft.

Police are working with the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Coast Guard on the case, and no foul play is suspected.