A man offering to trade his baby for food is among the most bizarre and disturbing propositions some Orange Park motel residents say they've ever heard.

Police are looking for the man seen in these surveillance photos at the Orange Park Rodeway Inn off Park Avenue near Interstate 295 on Saturday evening.

Investigators said the man went door to door in the motel trying to trade the baby for something to eat.

Brian Boyle and his girlfriend said they saw the two after the man banged on their door.

"Man holding a baby like a doll. The baby was dangling," Boyle said. "I said, 'Hey, yo, you know how you're holding the baby?' And he's like, 'Oh, the baby's OK.'"

Boyle and his girlfriend are among the many at the motel who called police, but the man and child disappeared into the woods before officers arrived.

"Our concern is the welfare of the child," said Detective Gary Briggs, of the Orange Park Police Department. "We're trying to determine whose child it is, what the status of the child is."

Briggs said a few hours after the two were seen at the motel, while police were searching the area, someone reported seeing a man and a baby matching the description from earlier get into a yellow taxi minivan with an unknown woman at a McDonald's a few blocks away.

"Requested GPS records from local cab companies to try to determine which taxi cab it was that did the pickup and what the destination of that one would have been," Briggs said.

As police continue to search for the man and baby, who police say could be in grave danger, those around the area hope and pray for the best.

"Disturbs me," Boyle said. "It actually hurts me and my girlfriend that we didn't try to stop it. My instinct wasn't strong enough to know that I needed to grab that baby."

Police are asking any taxi cab driver who may have picked up the two, or anyone who had any contact with the man or can help identify the child to call the Orange Park Police Department at 904-264-5555.