Mother's Day is all about showing the greatest mom how much you love her. Well if you're still struggling for gift ideas, take a second to breathe a sigh of relief because we've got Linda Weeks to here to save the day.

She's got a mother's day fruitcake recipe that doesn't involve cake or the kind of desert that you get over Christmas.

It's a simple recipe that uses the most delicious and fresh ingredients.

Fruit "Cake" Centerpiece

1 Small watermelon

1 Small cantaloupe 



1. Cut both melons so that they are as thick as a layer of "cake" (around 6")

2. Stack smaller melon on top of larger one to resemble a tiered "cake"

3. Embellish edges with berries

4. Secure with toothpicks as you are constructing

5. Fill center of cantaloupe with flowers, fruit, or candy