Phillips told Channel 4 that he's learned a lot about accused killer, Michael Dunn.

"Jordan having the only window down, music came from that. Michael Dunn pulled up, his fiancé got out," said Phillips. "Heard gunshots, came out of the car, Michael Dunn said get the *** over here, get back in the car after he fired 9 or 10 shots at the boys."

In reports from the night Davis was shot and killed, witnesses told police they could hear Dunn say, "Are you talking to me?" then they said, Jordan Davis began cursing at Dunn.

After that, witnesses told police they "saw Dunn pull out a gun from somewhere on his right side and start shooting at him." The report goes on to say that Dunn told his girlfriend to get in their car, they drove off and police didn't track him down until a couple days later when they called Dunn in South Florida.

"He answered the phone and then he acted like it was total inconvenience to him they were calling, oh by the way, it was self defense, I know why you're calling, are you kidding?" said Phillips.

Richard Kuritz, Defense Attorney and former prosecutor in Jacksonville said the witness reports could impact Dunn's chances if prosecutors can convince the jury that Dunn appeared callous or uncaring.

"Jury is going to look at that and if you seem callous it turns off a jury," said Kuritz. "Once you turn off a jury odds of success diminish greatly."

Channel 4 reached out to Michael Dunn's attorney Tuesday night, but Corey Strolla did not return our calls for comment. Richard Kuritz wasn't surprised to hear that Strolla never returned the calls.

"Defense Attorney's doing the right thing," said Kuritz. "You have ethical obligation not to talk about facts of case. So he's doing the right thing. Victim's family attorney, whether they're trying to taint the jury or pool, I've never been a fan of that, but they're entitled to do that and they're doing that."