"It is important to note that today’s decision by the Department of Health to close Orange Park Medical Center’s trauma center, based on the center's deficiencies, is distinct from the legal challenges that we and other hospitals in Florida have brought, in which several justices have agreed with our view that the state should not approve additional trauma centers until appropriate rules and criteria have been defined. The proliferation of trauma centers without an appropriate needs assessment jeopardizes the ability of any one trauma center to obtain the patient volumes needed in order to develop and remain proficient in the delivery of trauma care, and in the training of the next generation of trauma physicians and nurses.

"It is our view that a regionalized approach to trauma care is the safest and most efficient approach to the delivery of trauma services in Florida. As the region’s only Level I trauma center, the goal of Shands Jacksonville has always been, and will continue to be, the welfare of our patients. Providing the best trauma care to the citizens of Northeast Florida is our ultimate objective, and it is something we have done with passion and pride for more than a quarter century."